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The Problem with Teaching Kids to BE Humble

humility word in metal typeA couple of months ago I got an email from a mom who was distressed about an experience she had in her child’s kindergarten classroom. The subject line read – Are Your Kids Humble?

Apparently this mom had given a little girl in the classroom a compliment on a project she was working on. The little girl responded with something like, “Yep! I am smart. I am the smartest one in the class!”
The mom who wrote the email was a little bit taken aback by the young girl’s response to her compliment. It sounded from the tone of the email that she was more surprised than anything at first. Then I think as she thought about it her thoughts turned to feeling as though the little girl should have been a little more humble and a little less braggy. I can understand that, but of course, you know me, I had a little bit of a different point of view. Read More→

Are You Creating This Addiction in Your Kids?

Good Work Super Student Praise Phrases Back to School DoodlesThe other day my son was sitting at the kitchen table reciting and then spelling words. This is a new pastime for him. I am thrilled he is finally showing interest in the written word. Books have not held a lot of interest for him up until now. You can imagine this is sometimes perplexing for me. I am an avid reader, and writer. He has always had a lot of access to books, which all the research literature points to as one of the best ways to encourage early literacy in your child. And alas, he couldn’t care less.
So even though the repetitive conversation can sometimes feel tiresome, I am so excited that he wants to spell new and bigger words, that I indulge him.
“Hey mom, I can spell (fill in the blank).”
“Let’s hear it then.”
I don’t even remember what the word was but he spelled it correctly.
And I said, “Yep, that’s right.”
Sounds innocent enough, right? But his reaction really took me by surprise –
Read More→

Can We Please STOP Doing This to Each Other?

Have you seen the latest ad Produced by Similac?


At first glance it is actually pretty funny.


Have you ever thought about what makes things funny? First the subject matter is relateable. In other words there is an element of truth that that demonstrates an experience shared by many people. Second, there is an element of conflict. What makes it funny and what makes great comedians so good at what they do, is the ability to see these two elements from a different perspective.


What makes it funny also makes it sad. Read More→

Please Don’t Teach Your Kids to Help Those Less Fortunate

TEAM V TEAM US V THEMHold on to your hats now folks! Hear me out before you get upset!

As a parent, I get it! You want to your child to appreciate and be grateful for all that they have. It can be frustrating to hear, “I am bored” when your child is sitting in a room surrounded by expensive toys.

It is tempting to want to teach your child to appreciate all they have by pointing out how fortunate he or she is in relation to lots of other people in the world. Because to be truthful there are many parts of the world where people cannot even take having clean running water in their homes for granted. This temptation exists because it is part of your parenting default. Remember all those starving kids in Africa conversations at the dinner table?

I believe that teaching your kids to help those who are less fortunate as a means to learn about gratitude creates more problems in the long run than Read More→