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The Identity Challenge

girl-looking-in-mirrorHave you ever engaged in personal development work and soon after discovered that some of your personal relationships just aren’t working for you the way they used to? You might even have experienced what feels like rejection from some of the people who are closest to you.
It can be confusing right? You may have thoughts like,
“But I am doing so well now. Why aren’t you happy for me?”
“Wow! I thought you would be as excited about this as I am!” But you are disappointed because that is simply not the case.
I used to think it is just part of the process and when I start to notice these thoughts it is time for some new friends. But recently I have developed a different understanding about why this phenomenon happens.
You see it is all about the power of identity, and it may surprise you to know Read More→

Do You Parent Like This Pig?

pigI love going to the movies. I just enjoy the whole experience. I love making the decision about what movie to go see. I love figuring out what theater to go to. I love getting there in time to get my favorite seat. I love being in a place where I can focus my attention on one thing and one thing only for an extended period of time. I love the way my brain works to fill in the missing pieces of the story as new information is revealed.
After the previews of coming attractions and before the actual movie you are there to see, there are usually a few short theater sponsored clips. It could be an ad for the snack bar or some kind of public service announcement about silencing your cell phone and refraining from texting during the screening of the film.
Recently, I had the opportunity to see a new clip. This one is not only humorous, it has an important message and demonstrates a great principle for powerful parenting.
The clip goes like this. Read More→

How Prayer Works Like the In-N-Out Drive Thru

in n outHave you ever had the experience of going through a Drive Thru, paying for the food, and collecting your bag only to discover later that the order is all wrong? Well… I’ll tell you what, that does not happen at In-N-Out Burger.
You want to know why?
The answer is simple - You are asked to confirm your order three times before your food is given to you.
First, you place your order. As soon as you are finished placing the order, Read More→

Use Your Brain Like Google to Create the Life You Want

Google-BooksHave you ever had an experience like this?

1. You attend an event with a friend where you both stay together for the entire event.


2. Later, you hear that friend describe the event to another person.


3. You wonder if you were at the same event because your experience and recollection are very different than what your friend is describing.

This brings me to two questions – Read More→