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Use Your Brain Like Google to Create the Life You Want


Google-BooksHave you ever had an experience like this?

1. You attend an event with a friend where you both stay together for the entire event.


2. Later, you hear that friend describe the event to another person.


3. You wonder if you were at the same event because your experience and recollection are very different than what your friend is describing.

This brings me to two questions – Read More→

Victor or Villain? Which One Are You?


Maleficent-Disney movieHave you noticed a trend, like I have, where traditional tales are being re-told from the point of view of the villain?
My first exposure was back in the early 90’s to a book called, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and it is told from the perspective of the wolf, or as he introduces himself in the book, “I am the Wolf. Alexander T. Wolf, but you can call me Al.”
There have been at least two popular movies which have also sought to humanize the villains of traditional tales by exploring their backstories. First, the movie, Oz goes into great detail about how the Wicked Witch came to be so vengeful. More recently, in the movie Maleficent which re-tells the tale of Sleeping Beauty, the title character is actually revealed as the hero of the story.
My step son and I were having a Read More→

How to Resolve Conflict through Perspective


Different PerspectivesHave you ever been in a situation when you were SO sure you were right about something? A time when there was absolutely no doubt in your mind that you were right and everyone else was wrong. Yet some how other people still wanted to argue with you.
And then it happened…
You received one more piece of information about the situation at hand and in an instant Read More→

Introvert or Extrovert? Does it Even Matter?


Have you ever taken a personality test? Maybe it was the Meyers-Briggs, DISC Profile, KOLBE or Strengths finder. You may have taken it as part of an educational program or before being hired for an important job.
These assessments are designed to give you information that will help you better understand how you work best with others so that you can successfully navigate your personal and professional relationships.
In most cases, the personality attributes measured have opposing extremes on a continuum. While you may have tendencies toward one end or the other of the continuum, Read More→