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Increase Your Awareness – Be Like a Tree

treeHave you ever had the experience of buying a car, and then all of sudden it seems like you see that car everywhere? And you would even swear that prior to purchasing the car there were not very many of that model on the road. After all, that may have been one of the reasons you picked it.
Or maybe you have driven on the same stretch of road over and over and over again. Then someone tells you about a business or a restaurant that is along your very familiar route, but you have never noticed it before. You may have even argued with them and insisted it wasn’t there.
The next time you drive by, sure enough, there it is. You can tell it has been there for a while too. Although you have driven by it repeatedly, you have never seen it before. But here is the thing, Read More→

Why is Personal Development So Important for Parents?

plant-kidsIn a recent interview, I was asked why I believe personal development for parents is so important.
My answer: Only when you know who you are and are supremely clear about what you value can you make intentional conscious decisions about how to best parent your child. Otherwise, you parent from habitual reaction which you either inherited from people living in a different time with different social pressures or from the beliefs you created about who you are in the world when you were younger than you are right now.
I define personal development this way: Read More→

Feel the Fear? I think NOT!

love-vs-fearThe other day, I was trying with all my might to help my son get his soccer cleats on his feet for practice. To be fair, the shoes are a little on the snug side. The task was only made more difficult because when I would try to push against his heel, to get the shoe on his foot, he would bend his knee. I would push, he would bend his knee. I pushed again, he bent his knee again.
To make matters worse, I was worried that we might be late, so I was in a hurry. Fear of being late is a huge trigger for me. I am still working on that.
When through gritted teeth I asked him to “help me” Read More→

How to Eliminate Tattling

tattletaleHave you ever had a conversation with someone, when you just wanted to get a few things off your chest and vent a little bit, but their reaction left you feeling dissatisfied?
Perhaps their first response was to jump in a try to fix it for you.
Or maybe their reaction was a little bit more defensive. The other person may have even asked, “So, what do you want me to do about it?” with an attitude.
It can be so frustrating when you are expecting one outcome from a conversation and you get something completely different.
Let me ask you this – How likely are you to Read More→